Planning music for a wedding, let alone all the other details of the ceremony itself, can seem a daunting task.  But music, in whatever form, plays an important part in the service, and can make a huge contribution to a joyful occasion.

Why not make your life that little bit easier by making two bookings with one order? I can provide your music for your whole day, from the walk down the isle to the last dance of the night. You can relax in the knowledge that your DJ is going to turn up because he's already there playing the organ!

Start you day the right way. Prelude music, hymns to sing, music during the signing of the register, the walk up and down the isle, they all need careful planning, but it's the delivery that really counts. Music evokes powerful emotions within us, so the way in which a piece of music is played can make all the difference.

Is your wedding outside? Do you still want that special piece of music played live but don't know how it can be done? I can give you what you want, even if you're in the middle of a field! Just tell me what your plans are and I can make them happen that way you want it.

Finish your special day with a celebration party no one will forget. Whether you have a small group of close family, or a whole hall full of family and friends, I have the sound and lighting set up for you with all the music you need to choose your first and last dance from. Make your day easier by booking your organist to be your DJ too!